Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Relationship Done Easy: "Perfect and Real and Normal Life "


"In an attempt to seek normalcy and return to some kind of balance, I put the word out that I was available for hire and was immediately offered a similar position in a better company. I remember being at the bus stop ready to get on the bus and I somehow could not bring myself to go on the interview. The interview was purely a formality; the job was mine. Still, I found myself paralyzed and unable to get on the bus. Something had shifted, things were changing. I knew the universe was giving me a chance to really step up and make a change in my life, and if I went on that interview, I would simply be switching one “perfect and real and normal life” for another. It was over, now what? "

~ Kass Thomas

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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Relationship Done Easy: "Change Your Situation, Look for a Different Perspective "


"Once you realize that you can change your point of view about your partner, about your marriage, or about your life, you see how easy it is to have choice, no matter what the situation is. Just by looking at something from a different point of view, a new perspective, a different angle, you change that situation and your reality. "

~ Kass Thomas

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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Relationships Done Easy: "You In Relation To Them Equals Your Relationship "



"Any relationship that ends is like a death of sorts. When you enter into a relationship with another person, the relationship takes on a life force of its own. There’s you, the other person, and what you two create together. It’s like a project. You may call it a friendship, a marriage, or even a partnership with a colleague, or a group or business, it’s your rapport with the person or entity that constitutes your relationship. You in relation to them equals your relationship. When it ends or transforms, you go through a period of change which can sometimes be uncomfortable for you and for others. Everything has to adjust, as it has an effect on everyone and everything around you, whether they choose to recognize it or not. That too is a choice."

~ Kass Thomas

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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Relationships Done Easy "What If A Choice For Us Does Not Have To Be A Choice Against Someone Else? "




"One of the things I realized in those early days is how many people are walking around with a chip on their shoulder waiting for someone to step out of line so they can unleash their anger. I had gone from the peacemaker in my relationships to an explosion waiting to happen. “Make my day. Say something so I can release my pent up frustrations on you.” Having lived in New York, I had a lot of that attitude. Every time I said, “That doesn’t work for me,” my new partner would respond, with complete calm, “OK, I can change that, no problem. I didn’t know that was important to you. It won’t happen again.” And it never did. Simple. Easy. What if a choice for us does not have to be a choice against someone else? What if we could simply state what works for us and allow the other person to choose it or not? "

~Kass Thomas

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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Relationships Done Easy "It’s Almost Easier To Have Tasks Than It Is To Have The Job Of Being You "




"So many of us go through relationships with roles. There’s some part of the deal and deliver in a relationship that one person does the planning, the other earns the money, or takes care of the house, or whatever it is you are “responsible for.” When it’s about you, and exploring who you are, it brings a level of freedom and discovery most people are afraid of or run away from. It’s almost easier to have tasks than it is to have the job of being you, whatever that looks like. "

~Kass Thomas

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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Relationships Done Easy "The Willingness To Change When Change Is Required "



"My husband and I keep working and playing together. When something doesn’t work, we adjust it, change it, or agree to disagree, but it is never a deal breaker, at least not up to this point. We are willing to discuss it, and that is what is vital to me: the willingness to change when change is required and the willingness to honor both of us, recognizing that a choice for me does not have to be a choice against him."

~Kass Thomas

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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Relationships Done Easy: "They Were A Set Of Coordinates Dictated By This Reality "


"Isn’t it interesting that when we’re not willing to see something, no matter how obvious it is, we just don’t see it? It obviously was not the right life for me or the right relationship for me; the coordinates were not mine, they were a set of coordinates dictated by this reality, and somehow I bought them hook, line and sinker. Sink her. "
~Kass Thomas

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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

"Acknowledging the Universe Through Our Body!"

Acknowledging the universe through our Body! 

"Asking for clarity on what is right and light for us and listening to our Body is a way of acknowledging the earth, the universe.
Lowering our Barriers allows us to gift to the earth and receive from the earth with more ease.

Going beyond the superficial, walking in nature, connecting with the trees, their vibration, gets us in touch with our own vibration and that of the earth.
Creating a flow where there is stagnation and expanding the energy when it is contracted regenerates and breathes life into both you and the earth." 

~ Kass Thomas

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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Tales From Down Under

What an amazing experience Down Under so far, another game changer for me. Go figure!

And, as my bro' Dr. Dain Heer says, it never shows up the way you think it's going to.

I facilitated two classes in Australia for the first time ever. Beautiful country, Australia. English speaking country, so no language challenges, full of friends and people who have known and loved me for years.

The classes were the smallest classes ever.  Funny, right?

Although the numbers were small, the classes were huge in terms of energy, yumminess, gratitude, and change.

One of the changes that came up for me was finally acknowledging just how different I am when it comes to communication and people.

The fact that I actually like people and enjoy being around them is quite...different, I'm realizing.

I also am getting that I am able not only to transmit this ease and warmth to others but also to bring out a side of them that they were convinced they didn't have.

So many people have bought the lie that they are not a 'people person' and it's simply not true!

Perhaps they have simply never been invited to explore their unique brand of magic and their unique way of communicating and interacting with others.

It doesn't have to resemble the way I do it.  In fact it actually is vital that it look the way you do it which is unique to you. That is what makes interactions so special - friendships and relationships, the unique combination that you and that person inspire and no one can do it the way you do it.

It's your unique brand of magic!

Let's play more with that. Let's unveil the kind, gentle, joyous generosity of spirit and invite more of that into our lives!

I must say I am so grateful to have met the people in OZ and also for the company of my amazing and beautifully talented friend and sister, Karen Jones, who is traveling with me.

What would it take to invite more kind and caring people into your life?

How's did I get so lucky?

Off to New Zealand now!
The Down Under tour continues. What new adventures will I have?

With gratitude,

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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Relationships Done Easy "It’s A Half Empty Version Of Life "


"In choosing a relationship I think that’s what a lot of people do—enter relationships based on everything they know they don’t want. It doesn’t have this, this, and this, therefore I’m choosing it, rather than, “What do I desire?” It’s a half empty version of life. What’s there and can I deal with it? "
~ Kass Thomas